Monday, January 12, 2015

Baarle-Hertog vs Baarle-Nassau


因為Hertog 在12世紀曾經屬於Duke Henry I van Brabant爵士,比利時在1843獨立後,爵士是比利時人,所以土地也就歸比利時所有,即使是在荷蘭境內。詳細歷史請參考 EU 網站 官方說法

在邊界上走,地上可以看到一條清楚的荷比國界,最有趣的是一間房子有兩個門牌號碼(Loveren, BE:2, NL:19)。


NPR 美國版公視有更詳盡的圖文介紹

Sunday, January 04, 2015

My Job Hunting experiences - 2013

Practical information - Weihan applied companies
I have collected the names of companies that I have applied, including open applications. You are welcome to add or try them.


Hello dear friends,

In the end of the year, i wanted to share with you about my job hunting experience (2013) in Holland.

Finding a job in Holland was one of the biggest challenges in my life. As a non-EU student, we are not perfect in the local language, need extra visa to stay, and have limited network. Pressure from the expansive living cost in Europe gives extra pressure among the weakness. Therefore, don’t be sad about not getting any offer or interview. It is not easy from the beginning.

Fluent in the mother language, passion about the profession, and the idealistic attitude (some more your own characters might be found out by your friends) are our advantages. I want to emphasise that friends could give strong mental support and practical guidances. I appreciated their helps a lot. Keep contact with them. They are welling to listen to you. I also wrote weekly update and shared with friends. When I receive comments from them, I don’t feel alone.

I saved all the motivation letter, CV and the info about the application. Looking at the record of the application, I would contact the company by emails or phone calls if I don’t receive reply in 2 weeks after sending the application. I would like to know about the progress of applications.

Moreover, I built up my schedule so I can plan my time with different activities, including sending applications, playing all kind of sports, doing part time work, reviewing to-do list and working on brain storming with friends. Indeed, The life became more interesting after the planing. And it helps to release the stress!

Finally, keeping myself busy is crucial for me to maintain my confidence. I always plan works, not matter writing notes about thoughts or doing freelance work. I feel accomplishment after finishing them.

This is about job hunting in general.

Now I want to share more about how I see finding a Industrial Ecology related job.

According to my observation, EU IE students or non-EU students are end up with 3 types of jobs: academic (35%, e.g. phD), industry (50 %, e.g. consulting, private, government) and starting own companies (15%).

IE students are great, and make their own creative framework to save the world. Ideas are all good, but needs a stage to test.

Companies are always welcome new ideas, and ways to save cost. At the same time, the decision maker/ chairman needs to take actions to support adaptation.

Be consistent is crucial.

Don’t give up any chance. Join all kinds of meetings to build connections.

Always believe yourself. You are good.

The 7 habits of highly effective people could be a good guide book.

To find a job, many factors are interacted at the same time. A position needed to be fulfilled. You need to be available, and have the ability to function it.

Be patient and NEVER GIVE UP.